Warranty PolicY

Spa Electrics Pty Ltd, AUSTRALIA (Spa Electrics) grants the following limited warranty to the first person for whom the underwater (pool and spa) light (”the product”) is installed ("the owner").

A. Spa Electrics will, in its option, repair or replace any defective part of the product during the first (12) TWELVE month period                   commencing from the date of installation of the product.

B. To make a claim under this product warranty, you must:
i.   Return the faulty product to Spa Electrics along with the completed warranty Notification Form within the (12) TWELVE month period,      commencing from the date of installation of the product.
ii.  Produce an original invoice or other proof of purchase document disclosing the purchase date or installation date;
iii. Agree to pay Spa Electrics usual charges (including any service fee) for any goods or services provided by Spa Electrics not                 covered by this product warranty; and
iv. Must meet any other expenses associated with making a claim under this product warranty

C. This product warranty specifically excludes:
i.   Any defects arising from:
    a.   The improper installation, use or handling or other improper dealings with the product;
    b.   Failure to observe and comply with the instructions for the installation and use of the product provided;
    c.   The use of substitute or replacement parts not provided by Spa Electrics;
    d.   The product being opened, modified or repaired by any unauthorized person;
    e.   The use of transformers not supplied by Spa Electrics or transformers that are not compliant  with Product Installation Instructions           and/or relevant Australian Standards / wiring rules for use  with swimming pools.
    f.    Any damage caused by the external power supply (i.e. spikes / surges)
ii.  Removal and re-installation of the product;
iii. The cost of returning the product to Spa Electrics;
iv. The repair or replacement of the product, except by Spa Electrics; and
v.  Personal injury, property damage or economic loss, however caused.

This product warranty is offered in addition to any other rights and remedies you may have under law which Spa Electrics cannot exclude.

To make a claim under this product warranty, please contact our Customer Service Department on 03 9793 2299 or submit an online warranty claim at www.spaelectrics.com.au/warranty