Accessing Multi PLus Setup Mode

This video takes you through the process of putting your Spa Electrics MULTI PLUS Light into setup mode. This feature is used when changing the lights mode of operation for use with various Pool Automation systems and lighting controllers.

MULTI PLUS setup Assistant 

Use this video when installing your Spa Electrics Multi Plus pool lights to assist you in accessing the setup mode. 

Setup mode is only required if you wish to change the default operating mode for integration with major pool controllers, iRIS lighting controller or use with previous Spa Electrics Multi colour products. 

Accessing setup mode is not required if you are operating your Multi Plus lights from a wall switch. 

MULTI PLUS setup with the AstralPool Connect 10

In this video we demonstrate how to program the AstralPool Connect 10 Pool automation system to control the Spa Electrics Multi Plus lights.

MULTI PLUS setup with the
Hayward Omnilogic 

In this video we take you through how to setup the Hayward Omnilogic Pool controller to operate the Spa Electrics Multi Plus model pool lights. 

Multi Plus setup with the
Pentair Easytouch 

In this video we show you how to setup the Pentair Easytouch pool controller to operate the Spa electrics Multi Plus model pool lights. 

This setup procedure will also work for the Pentair Intellitouch Pool Controller.

Retro Series installation 

Replace your pool lights easily with the Spa Electrics Retro Series. Transform your pool with LEDs available in Single, TRI and Multi Plus.

multi plus setup to standard multi colour mode

In this video we look at how to program your Multi Plus lights to operate in the legacy or standard Multi Colour mode. This is required when you are installing a Multi Plus model pool light in the same pool as a standard Spa Electrics Multi Colour light.